Skating Development

We do not believe in sending our athletes around cones at a million miles an hour, over and over without correction. We start with the basic skating fundamentals and progress from there to our powerskating programs. Our certified skating coaches teach the fundamentals and progressions for all key skating aspects of the game, from tyke to NHL.

Power Skating

Our powerskating program is designed to further push our skaters boundaries. Building off the technique and skills they have developed and focusing on speed and conditioning. The powerskating program offers a high-intensity, challenging environment that will push all players outside their comfort zone.

Dryland Training

Our dryland training program is ideally suited for teams looking to work on conditioning and team building. Sessions are designed to push athletes to their physical limits. Through this process participants will increase their core strength, stamina and overall conditioning.

We believe in educating athletes about “why & how”, so they gain a total understanding of each skill.

This has a direct impact on an athletes improvement, understanding and ability to demonstrate and repeat. This method has a proven success rate.

Why Choose Athletic Edge

Athletic Edge is one of a very small few hockey schools in Canada that has certified powerskating instructors. Athletic Edge offers all types of programs and training sessions from Private to Association Development Contracts, from beginners to Pro world-wide.

Skill Development

Skating – Power & Technique
Ice Hockey
Endurance Training